Growth is the challenge at which Dynamic Strategies excels and finding new ways to compete and do business is our signature.

People don’t always think about it but when you haven’t actually done before, what you are aspiring to do now … What you don’t know CAN hurt you!!

I was at Ansett when Air New Zealand managed to crash a 65 year old, iconic Australian airline and get into so much debt the New Zealand government had to take an 80% stake to help them limp through.

All because of a failed merger and the arrogance of a chairman and executive team believing they knew what was best in an unfamiliar market and operation.*

Most significant change efforts such as; restructures, system implementations, merger integration or other capital projects, fail to realise the benefits on which they are initially justified.

One major study of over 1,200 merger integration projects found:

  • 10% were an abject failure, destroying substantial value
  • 20% were an acknowledged disappointment
  • 50% + were neither here nor there, and
  • Less than 20% were a notable success, achieving or exceeding expected benefits

These statistics are indicative of the small success rate for major projects.

* Grant created a case study on this epic failure and completed a masters thesis on “Success Factors in M&A”


We use maturity stages and business models to help people see where they are now and to describe where they’d like to get to. Then, Dynamic Strategies engages as the circumstance and the assignment requires.

The two main service types are Advisory and Projects.

Advisory is typically an individual assignment and Grant’s experience and skills are best suited to leaders and teams looking to grow. Grant’s areas of expertise are summarised on our About page and on his LinkedIn page.

Projects can also be individual, where Dynamic Strategies staff and associates join teams as experts. They are however, more commonly a team deployment, where Grant brings together a team of specialists for a particular challenge or event such as planning for or integrating an acquisition.


As an executive working across many industry and functions, Grant has developed a sophisticated understanding of the core drivers of every business.

The application of frameworks such as the Business Model Canvas, process based value mapping, culture archetypes and audit style risk and control assessments have been recurring elements in many of his roles and assignments. These experience-based specialities are complemented by formal qualifications including an Engineering degree, an MBA from Melbourne Business School and the Company Director’s course from the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

As an adviser Grant works with CEOs and leaders, firmly anchoring every review in a statement of purpose or higher level objective which guides design, priorities and implementation, ensuring final solutions deliver value aligned to strategic intent.

Dynamic Strategies also brings together small teams of experts for short term, focused assignments.

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