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Governance & Directorship

We consider governance to be performance assurance and have experience serving on boards, working with boards and reporting to boards.


Program & Portfolio

Less than half of all major initiatives are successful, yet an acknowledgement of uncertainty and a purposeful approach, significantly improve the odds.


People & Culture

The major cause of failure in change is an underestimation of the complexity of managing people and culture.

Our Approach

Expansion and growth that requires you and your organisation to think and perform differently is difficult and can be confronting and confusing. Less than half of major initiatives actually succeed.

When attempting something new, a twist on a classic phrase is apt “what you don’t know CAN hurt you,” in dollar terms, reputation or other ways. You’ve seen it before. A business decides to pursue a new direction and launches a project with great fanfare and expectation. The headwinds are difficult, energy flags and often the whole effort just runs out of steam. Before long the cycle starts again!

Partnering with an experienced guide saves time, money and frustration.

Ironically, the more successful you have been in the past, the more difficult it can be to expand through new business, products or services.

If you are responsible for achieving a major performance lift in your organisation and you’re open to partnering with specialists, Dynamic Strategies can help.

We can deploy an individual expert or a customised team as best suits your objectives. You might be in the early planning stage, on the verge of deployment or facing frustrating challenges and be behind schedule with a roll out.

Growth is the challenge at which Dynamic Strategies excels and finding new ways to compete and do business, is our signature.

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Who have we worked with?

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As a CEO, board member or program director, faced with or aspiring to rapid growth, Dynamic Strategies can provide an experienced adviser to explore your plans from different perspectives, unearth risks and partner in deploying tactics for success.

Dynamic Strategies engages most effectively for projects and as an advisory partner in rapid growth.

Case Studies

Dynamic Strategies has been partnering for success with leaders and their teams for nearly 10 years.

Specific Case Studies are laid out on a later page:

  • Merger Integration, design and guide
  • Outsource Transition, stakeholder journeys
  • Strategic Reset, CEO and board at a for purpose

Tools of Choice

There are tools for every situation and in the wrong hands they can be dangerous!

Dynamic Strategies has extensive and practical experience helping clients with powerful tools and frameworks including:

Innovation into Action

Grant also works with rapid growth organisations, especially startups and independent divisions. Similar challenges are addressed in slightly different ways and this work provides Grant with a valuable, complementary perspective.

You can see the type of work done by Grant in the entrepreneurial and startup arena over at

Grant and his team at Dynamic Strategies have a great deal of knowledge and expertise in the strategic planning and capability development process. I have benefited from their breadth of experience, understanding of the company's needs and their ability to positively engage across a wide range of professional disciplines.
Nicholas Burt

Chief Executive Officer, FMA Australia